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I. Pronounciation
1. a. cure b. tube c. amuse d. pull
2. a. where b. here c. their d. there
3. a. celebrated b. decorated c. damaged d. nominated
4. a. abrupt b. club c. occur d. erupt
5. a. question b. deforestation c. inspiration d. collection
II Choose the best answer
6. The picture ..... I bought yesterday is valuable
a. which b. whom c. who d. whose
7. We often go to the town ..... house
a. cultural b. culture c. culturally d. culturist
8. My friends come to stay .....us.......Christmas
a. to/at b. with/in c. with/at d. to/in
9. I...... him that if he did it again, you would lose his job.
a.warned b. threatened c. predicted d. expected
10. Sue is my friend. She is a friend of ....
a. me b. my c. mine d. I
11. Would you mind..... this suitcase for me, please?
a. carrying b. carry c. to carry d. carried
12. Please stop .......that! I can't stand it any more
a. to do b. do c. doing d. did
13. I began........ EL when I was 13.
a. to study b. studying c. study d. a & b is correct
14. If he....... a change of success, he...... have to work harder
a. will have/would b. will have/ will
c. had/ would d. had/will
15. A: I'm sorry about that.
B: .......
a. You'll be welcome b. It's ok
c. That's right d. Of course
16. Is the polluted air harmful ....... people living around here?
a. for b.to c. with d. by
17. Ms Lien......... in HCMc for 5 years, but now she is living in Nha Trang
a. lives b. has lived c. lived d. was living
18. The city...... I was born is beautiful
a. where b. which c. that d. of which
19. We are here to provide good service...... the public.
a. for b. to c. with d. from
20. How many people are there.......... the Earth?
a. in b. over c. on d.to
21. " May introduce myself? I'm Nicky" _ " ........."
a. That's right, I am b. Oh, great! It's very nice
c.Yes, let. d. By the way, I'm Sheila
22. " ............" _ " Thanks a lots. Happy birthday to you"
a. What a beautiful cake you've made for me
b. You looks so tired
c. Congratulation
d. How about going out for a drink?
23. If you spend too much money........ travelling, you will be broke
a. on b. for c. with d. to.
24. A: Thank you very much for your help.
B: ...........
a. Thank you b. You'll welcome
c. The same to you d. Of course
25........... he helped us, we wouldn't finish our plan on time.
a. if b. unless c. since d. as

1.d 11.a 21.d
2.b 12.c 22.a
3.c 13.d 23.a
4.c 14.c 24.c
5.a 15.b 25.b
6.a 16. b
7.a 17.c
8.c 18.a
9.a 19.a
10.c 20.c
Note: Đây là đề năm lớp.. affraid ..9 đó nha. Thử sức xem trình độ của mình nhé Embarassed confused pig . Đáp án có thể có sai sót. Mong thông cảm và chỉnh sửa giùm.

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